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Linux - No sound over HDMI/Mini DisplayPort

So since I spend a lot of time working on my ultrabook and since working on a 13" screen is kind of a pain, I decided to buy a monitor to make my life easier. My laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 4000 and (like every laptop that respects itself) it also provides a MiniDisplay Port. The afore-mentioned monitor has build in speakers and an HDMI port (among others) that could be used to drive the audio to the speakers.

Like every rational human being I got a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable to connect the two. When I plugged it in though I noticed that I couldn't use the speakers of the monitor at all. The only output that my OS was seeing was the built in speakers of my laptop. After Googling around I run the following:

speaker-test -c 2 -r 48000 -D hw:0,3

YES! Let there be sound!

After running this command I was hearing some sound from my monitor's speakers. Cool press Ctrl+C and checkout the audio outputs.


Perfect... Select the HDMI / DisplayPort and you're done!

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