Installing NodeJS, npm and bower

In this guide I will be showing you how to install NodeJS (and its package managers npm and bower) on your machine. If you're on a Linux machine, run the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nodejs If you're using a Mac or windows just head over to this link and download the appropriate installer. Then follow the wizard to install it successfully. When you're done with the…

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Installing WebStorm on Linux

WebStorm is one of the most widely used IDEs for web development (and my personal favorite). In this post I will describe how to install it on a Linux machine. Enjoy! OK! Let's begin then! Firstly, download the *.tar.gz file from the WebStorm website. Make sure you choose the Linux version. I'm assuming that you've downloaded the *.tar.gz file into your Downloads folder, so open a terminal and ru…

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Installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox

Recently Microsoft presented the Windows 10 OS. This is a pretty big deal if you consider that this OS is supposed to work on all hardware, from phones to tablets to PCs and so on. "But... But, I thought that Windows 8 was doing the same thing..." I hear you say... "Yeah, right..." I respond to that comment. So we'll find out if Windows 10 are any better. So let's try to install it on a VM t…

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