Installing WebStorm on Linux

WebStorm is one of the most widely used IDEs for web development (and my personal favorite). In this post I will describe how to install it on a Linux machine. Enjoy! OK! Let's begin then! Firstly, download the *.tar.gz file from the WebStorm website. Make sure you choose the Linux version. I'm assuming that you've downloaded the *.tar.gz file into your Downloads folder, so open a terminal and ru…

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Setting $JAVA_HOME environment variable

If you're using linux for application development purposes, sooner or later you will have to use a tool that requires you to set the $JAVA_HOME environment variable. I will assume that you have already installed the required java packages, if this is not the case download the required JDK libraries first. OK, on your linux system access your profile file, in my case (Ubuntu) I use the .bashrc fil…

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