Linux - No sound over HDMI/Mini DisplayPort

So since I spend a lot of time working on my ultrabook and since working on a 13" screen is kind of a pain, I decided to buy a monitor to make my life easier. My laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 4000 and (like every laptop that respects itself) it also provides a MiniDisplay Port. The afore-mentioned monitor has build in speakers and an HDMI port (among others) that could be used to drive the audio…

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Setting $JAVA_HOME environment variable

If you're using linux for application development purposes, sooner or later you will have to use a tool that requires you to set the $JAVA_HOME environment variable. I will assume that you have already installed the required java packages, if this is not the case download the required JDK libraries first. OK, on your linux system access your profile file, in my case (Ubuntu) I use the .bashrc fil…

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