Launching a headless VM from the terminal using VirtualBox

So lately my VNC server decided that it's a good time for it to crash even though I have a paper deadline in 3 weeks and I'm still trying to develop some demo apps for it. Good times! Anyways let's see how to run a VM using the CLI tools that come with VirtualBox. List the names of your VMs that can be launched from VirtualBox: VBoxManage list vms # If you want a more verbose description do: # VBo…

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Installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox

Recently Microsoft presented the Windows 10 OS. This is a pretty big deal if you consider that this OS is supposed to work on all hardware, from phones to tablets to PCs and so on. "But... But, I thought that Windows 8 was doing the same thing..." I hear you say... "Yeah, right..." I respond to that comment. So we'll find out if Windows 10 are any better. So let's try to install it on a VM t…

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How to resize a VM using VirtualBox

If you're using VirtualBox chances are that at some you'll have to resize the disk image that is used by your VMs. Thankfully, this is a rather painless procedure so let's jump right into it. Since we will be using the VBoxManage tool to perform the resizing of our disk image we need to work with VirtualBox's native format for such images, the .vdi format. So, if your VM is using a .vmdk file we…

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